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A Roadworthy Certificate is needed whenever you’re selling a car, motorcycle, truck or trailer that’s registered in Queensland before you decide to sell the vehicle. A Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast Certificate is also required when you want to register an unregistered vehicle or desire transferring a vehicle from interstate.

A certified individual that’s licensed by Queensland Transport and Main Roads conducts the review for your Roadworthy Certificate QLD Gold Coast. Mobile Mechanic inspections can be found in Queensland that allows an Approved Mobile Inspector to view your car or truck either at work, home or where it may be found in the time of inspection.

Not all mobile roadworthy Gold Coast RWC inspection services will be similar. Offering a 24 Hour Gold Coast Mechanic Service, Goldy’s Mobile Mechanic Gold Coast is the front-runner in roadworthy certificates and mobile mechanic repair. 

We provide you the best price on your mobile roadworthy Gold Coast GUARANTEED!

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Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast

Frequently Asked Questions.

It is a requirement that you will need to obtain a Safety Certificate Gold Coast before attempting to sell a registered vehicle.

HVRAS is a thorough assessment of light and heavy trailers or heavy vehicles. 

It checks dimensions to make sure that heavy vehicles in excess of 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) comply with:

  • Limitations on dimensions
  • Safe limits on tyres
  • Approved load sharing axle systems guidelines
  • Vehicle Identification (such as: engine number, VIN number and/or chassis number)

You need a Certificate of Inspection for exchanging registration or re-registering a heavy vehicle that is unregistered.

A pre-purchase inspection is a report made by a professional before someone decides to buy the vehicle. 

Goldy’s Mobile Mechanic Gold Coast

We can perform Pre Purchase Inspections in Gold Coast to give you peace of mind.

Online Inspection Certificates Gold Coast can be granted by every QLD registered vehicle. 

It can also be obtained for interstate registered vehicles transferring their rego into Queensland.

Just get in touch with our Gold Coast Mobile Mechanics for the certificate to be completed ONLINE.

Worth noting, there are times when an ONLINE Inspection can’t be carried out.

If your car or motorcycle doesn’t pass and fails the first inspection, you’ll be given a notice which will allow you 14 days to rectify any repairs required.

You won’t be charged for the full inspection price again. 

If the rectifications do take longer than expected, which may take the vehicle over the 14 day timeframe, please contact us so we can organise a new certificate at a special price.

The Safety Certificates Gold Coast we supply, are able to be utilised for new registration, renewals for late registrations or registration transfer requirements in the state of Queensland.

More info regarding Roadworthy Certificates Gold Coast can be found on the following link.

If you can’t be there for the Safety Certificate Gold Coast review, just realise that we are able to perform the Inspection at your work anywhere in the Gold Coast. 

However, you could even leave the keys at a disclosed location so we can access the vehicle. Given this situation, we require complete the payment before over the phone. However, this is a simple process with the assistance of one of our friendly professionals.

In the case of a Pre-purchase Inspection Gold Coast, we need you to contact the seller before you arrange your appointment.

No matter how you are booking, either online or over the phone we will need contact details (eg. e-mail, phone number) for both parties in the purchase.

For sellers that are private, a Mobile RWC Gold Coast is valid for 2 months or 2,000 kms (whatever comes first) and for commercial motor dealers for 1 month or 3,000 kms (whichever comes first).

There are specific guidelines for vehicles that have been modified.

Some minor mods don’t need certification to be classed as road legal.

However, others may need a QLD modification plate to be fixed to the car along with all the documentation of modifications.

A modification plate and its documentation can only be given by a certified person.

For more information click on the following link: 

Vehicles that need Roadworthy Safety Certificates Gold Coast

Goldy’s Gold Coast Mobile Mechanic have professional examiners that can carry out mobile roadworthy Brisbane and gold coast:

  • Small vehicles — Cars with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) up to 4.5t
  • Motorcycles – mopeds, scooters, roadbikes
  • Light trailers — Aggregated Trailer Mass (ATM) over 750kg up to 3.5t
  • Heavy trailers — Aggregated Trailer Mass (ATM) over 3.5t around 10t
  • Heavy vehicles registered in QLD – Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) over 4.5t around 16t
  • Interstate registered or Unregistered heavy vehicles — unrestricted 

Goldy’s Mobile Mechanics Gold Coast can perform other inspections such as:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Modification plates
  • Certification of Inspection (COI)
  • HVRAS-Measure ups
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Child restraint reviews

If you are able to phone us early in the day, we are often able to supply a same-day service to do your Gold Coast roadworthy certificate.

On infrequent occasions where same-day service is not available, we will come as soon as possible at a time that suits you.

Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast
Certificates in 45 Minutes!

Get a mobile roadworthy Brisbane and gold coast City, and Gold Coast areas. Just give us a call or fill out the form on this page. We will call you back as soon as possible and we aim to beat any realistic price quoted by another company who does Roadworthy certificates Gold Coast.

We ensure there are no hidden prices and you will always receive an upfront price on your Mobile RWC Gold Coast.

Our technicians can also perform pre purchase inspections in Gold Coast, in addition to mobile car servicing in Gold Coast.

One of Goldy’s Mobile mechanics will come to you at the comfort of your home or work. Our professional mobile mechanics in Gold Coast carry out the inspection and issue a roadworthy certificate on the spot.

Safety certificates Gold Coast, which at times can be commonly referred to as roadworthy certificates Gold Coast, take roughly 40 minutes to an hour complete.


Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast

Process of Obtaining a Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast

The process of obtaining a Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast is dependent on the type of car or vehicle that you are selling or registering to the qualifications of the certified technician you require. However, not many inspectors are able to complete RWC Certificates on all types of vehicles.

Goldy’s Mobile Mechanics Gold Coast have professional vehicles. They are kitted out to complete the review on the spot. All we need is a clear access to the car during the time of inspection.

Our approachable and skilled mechanics make sure your vehicle is safe and road worthy in accord with the Code of Practice by Queensland Transport and Main Roads.

The review is a rudimentary check that the car or motorcycle meets these minimal criteria. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the vehicle is in its best condition or working order. For example, an inspector may permit a Roadworthy Certificate Inspection when a small oil leak is found. As long as it isn’t leaking on the road or anywhere else at the time of inspection.

If our mobile mechanics in Gold Coast discover flaws that require fixing, the Transport Department will give you 14 days to finish the repairs. It should also be noted, this includes weekends and public holidays.

Once finished you can simply make an appointment with us for a re-inspection. Please note, a fee does apply fore-inspection on all mobile roadworthy Gold Coast services.
If the car or motorcycle has met all defects on the initial inspection, you are given the Roadworthy Certificate.

Where can you get a Mobile Roadworthy Certificate in the Gold Coast?

We visit all around the Gold Coast from Coomera to Tweed Heads. Here are just some areas we visit frequently for RWC in Gold Coast.

  • Coomera
  • Southport
  • Robina
  • Varsity Lakes
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Burleigh Waters
  • Currumbin
  • Coolangatta
  • Tweed Head
  • Tugun

Best tips for selling your car with a Safety Certificate Gold Coast!

Make sure you have proof

When selling your car to a new buyer always place the time and date on the invoice when the purchaser takes ownership of the motor vehicle. This protects you incase the buyer incurs any speeding penalties or tolls on the way home. You will have a signed document with the time as proof that you weren’t driving the vehicle at that time and date.

Selling to interstate buyers

If you are selling your vehicle to a interstate buyer, always de-register the car before giving them the keys. In addition to this, make sure you take the plates off. Let the buyer know they can purchase a permit to get them home. In case the buyer gets your plates on the vehicle they don’t give you the receipts for the plates being handed in to a local Transport Department, you won’t be able to deregister the vehicle. This will end up costing you time and money.

When you don’t need a Mobile RWC Gold Coast

You don’t have to complete a Mobile Roadworthy certificate Gold Coast if your car in unregistered. In addition, this is the only time you don’t need a RWC Gold Coast.

Get a Safety Certificate Gold Coast before thinking about selling

It’s a good idea to do your Roadworthy Certificates Gold Coast before you attempt to sell your car. There may be some problems that you will have to spend money to repair. It’s best if you know about these before confirming a price with the purchaser.

Don’t miss a sale!

Don’t miss a sale because you haven’t completed a Safety Certificate Gold Coast. Many people these days are looking at cars during the weekends and at night time. Because of the internet it has made it much easier to purchase a car. Don’t risk it and lose a sale y not completing a Mobile RWC Gold Coast.

Always Remember.. No work is done if you don’t provide the OK!


Safety Certificates Gold Coast

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